jenningsLogo notesThe Jennings Music & Education Center has been serving the music education needs of our community for over 25 years by providing quality instruction on virtually all instruments and voice. We are a family centered business dedicated to enriching the musical experience of your entire family by offering a fun, rewarding and educational service that you can benefit from for a lifetime.

Jennings Mission

To provide the highest quality music education possible in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere in order to share the joys of music and performance and to provide a lifelong love for and interest in music to each person we serve.

  • To educate students in solid rudiments and techniques on their instrument
  • To expose students to various styles of music and to broaden their general understanding and appreciation of music
  • To teach the importance of self-discipline and dedication and to build confidence and self-esteem
  • To have fun and achieve personal gratification through musical achievement
  • To help students realize their creative and academic potential through specially designed and carefully implemented curricula

Private Lessons! Why?

Band & Orchestra parents often ask questions about Private Lessons.  The following questions and answers will help parents understand the benefits of Private Lessons for their Band or Orchestra student.

Why should my child enroll in private lessons?

Private lessons are the most significant predictor of a student’s success in music.  While not mandatory for success, the individual attention available through private instruction provides tremendous enhancement of your child’s skills, motivation, and musical enjoyment.

Who takes private lessons?  

  • Students, who are interested in being the best in their individual band or orchestra, will take private lessons.
  • Students, with prior musical training in piano, violin or other instruments, who are not challenged due to the pace of learning in the band or orchestra classroom, will take private lessons.
  • Students who desire leadership positions in their sections and want to excel so they can help the directors or other students, will take private lessons.
  • Students who love their instrument but are struggling to learn in the classroom environment will take private lessons.

My child has band/orchestra class everyday at school, why does he/she need private  lessons?

While the instruction provided in group lessons in the classrooms can lift a student to a level of musical competency, there is no substitute for the individualized instruction that is only available through private study. The individual nature of private lessons means that instruction is catered directly to your child’s ability level.  Students enrolled in private lessons are able to move at their own fast pace instead of being tethered to the pace of the class as a whole.

Isn’t private tutoring just for kids who are struggling?

No! Although private instruction can assist students that struggle in group settings or need special attention to succeed, the purpose is to provide supplementary instruction for students seeking to get the most out of their music education, regardless of their skill level.

Learn More About Our Private Lessons Program!

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Availability of Lauren Desrosiers

Availability of Lauren Desrosiers

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